All my girls

All my girls
my daughter with 4 of her 5 nieces(my grandaughters)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

back at quilting too!

Some of the great quilts we saw at Tater Patch in Merrill last Saturday.  Look at what you can do with yours scraps.

Hi I am back again. only been 6 months!

Receiving my blue belt in Ju-Jitsu

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Kittens

Well it has been a while since I have blogged on  here.  This is my first Saturday home in quite a while.  I am busy all week working as a Home Care Worker assisting disabled clients with daily living chores and on Sundays I am pretty much tied up with Church and catching up with laundry and getting ready for the next week.

I have 3 grandaughters having birthdays before Christmas and my budget is kinda low as I am saving for Christmas gifts also.

I have also been busy house hunting and tomorrow after church my realtor and I will go looking. I can hardly wait to be in a place of my home and make it all homey and warm and inviting.

Here are some pictures of kittens born under our deck.  We have 6 larger kittens from mother cats last litter and now 6 small ones.  They are so cute.  Will take to shelter when they have a sale on spay and neutering.  Also will check out Friends of Pets to get cheap rates. 

I am knitting for the first time a cowl neck warmer that you can also pull up as a hood.  It is coming along nicely but painfull when I have to tear out rows of stitches from mistakes.  Also knitting another afgan for my house, It is the Navajo pattern in black,grey , white and turquois.  Last one was with red.
And another interest I am starting is Embroidery.  I like this alot.

Well I will have pictures of everything next time.  Thank you for reading my blog and come back again.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Rally 2011

October 1 the women from our church as well as from others went to Alturas for the Fall rally 2011.  This was a great womens conference and as usual we all had a great time.

 The music was the girl band
Heritage and they were so good that I want to purchase one of their cd's.  The women in Heritage are all professional women, all married with children and do this on the side.  They were a great Blessing to us all.
We caravaned to Alturas in 4 large vehicles.  From our church we had 23 women.

 We had a wonderful breakfast and lunch .  The theme this year was
'His Treasures"  the tables had treasure chests on them with gold and jewels.  We had little treasure chests at each place with treats inside too.  All received a neclace treasure to wear.

 Our main speaker was Julie Norman from Little Country Church in Redding, Ca.  She showed us and told us all how each one of us are Gods special treasures and how he specifically choose each one of us.  Each one of us is his "Treasured Possesions"  Julie has 6 daughters (2 adopted who are still at home) and 11 grandchildren.

Seeing Oregon Country

 On The 22nd of Sept. 5 of us Chicks went to the Mtn. Rose Herb sponsered Rootstalk Festival and on the way there and on the way home I was blessed with the opportunity to see more of Oregon.  It is a beautiful State.  These first two photos are in the outskirts of the town of Drain.  One of the chicks parents live there and we stopped overnight. They are
 building a new home but this is their garden area in front of the house.  Drain was very close to Cottage Grove.
 These pictures are on the way home and they are of Lake Lowell.  This is where the covered bridge is.  This is the west side of the lake.
 We stopped here for a break and just had to take pictures.  If you look close enough the covered bridge is all the way across the lake.
Ha Ha, well what do you know?  This bridge is older than I am.

 I took alot of pics of this bridge.  When you go through it there are windows out to the lake from the inside.  Cars can't drive through it any longer but the next bridge was right in the town of Lowell and traffic drives through every day.

 These lovely falls are Salt Creek Falls and they were gorgeous!  I wouldn't have know they were there if Cheryl hadn't been there before. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rootstalk Festival

 Last Thursday thru Sunday was the first annual Rootstalk Festival just out of Salem.  The Festival was sponsered by Mountain Rose Herb Co.
 5 of us from our local Klamath Falls Charming Chicks chapter of MaryJanes Farm Int. went and we had a great time.

It was all tent camping and was quite an ordeal to get into our campsites but after all was done we had a neat campspot.  We had 3 tens among us. 
 The festival was a celebration of our Earth and all food was organic and there were classes going on all day to learn about Organic gardening, Herbs and medicinal Herbs and natural body lotions ets.  There was entertainment nightly with many different kinds of music.

This is the tent Robin and I slept in

The gang with MaryJane, She gave a talk on Organic farming.

We got dressed for the FESTIVAL MASQUERADE PARTY


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Sampler at Tater Patch Quilts

Well Saturday I went to another Saturday sampler and had so much fun as always with all the gals.  They drew a name for quilt princess and my friend Heather won.  Well, she was the model to show off a little stash your cash bag that is to be tied into your bra and as you can see they had a "Special
Bra" in mind.
We also had show and tell and there were too many quilts to show but I did take a picture of one special one.

I also have pics of the chair cover that I quilted the star for out of suede fabric.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

I can dream

I can dream
wish I was here

getting carrots

getting carrots

Billy Bird and Mom brush calves

Billy Bird and Mom brush calves
grooming Cheech and Chong to keep them friendly has become a daily chore. The calves now are about 350 pounds and were starting to not want our company so now I brush them and have created a monster with Cheech. I have discovered he loves apples and carrots. Chong however wont even smell the goodies. Now Cheech stands in front of the front porch moowing at me for his treats. After I give him his treats it is hard to get back to the house and he is very determined to find more in my pockets.